The cost of Shipping depends on the size of the Kite. Usual Shipping charges with in India will be Rs.400 to 800/-. For International shipping we do it through Indian Postal Department until requested to ship through other carriers. Indian Post charges.

Currently we accept Cheques or Online Bank transfers. Credit Card Pay option coming soon.

From the moment we have received your order and your payment, the order will be sent within 5 working days( All our kites are made to order). Local delivery time takes about 2-3 days.  For International delivery 7- 15 days. If you have not received your order within a week after the above mentioned period, please contact us immediately! 

Our products meet the highest quality requirements. When nevertheless an unexpected problem occurs, contact us immediately so that we can solve this. We are not responsible for injudicious use or abrasion which can appear by normal use.

You will receive e-mails to your registered email id at every stage of your order. Lucky! even photos of your made to order Kite.

Yes we will email you the invoice once we receive your payment.

1-3 BFT: UL-kites made of ultralight material.

2-5 BFT: almost all standard kites have a large wind range

5-7 BFT: only for kites with special strong frame or vented kites (kites with netting or punctures in the sail or by using a brake).

This is the average speed, no speed of gusts of wind!

0 BFT CALM: smoke rises vertically
1 BFT LIGHT AIR : smoke drift indicates wind direction, still wind vanes
2 BFT LIGHT BREEZE : wind felt on exposed skin. Leaves rustle, vanes begin to move
3 BFT GENTLE BREEZE : leaves and small twigs constantly moving, light flags extended
4 BFT MODERATE BREEZE : dust and loose paper raised. Small branches begin to move
5 BFT FRESH BREEZE : branches of moderate size move. Small trees in leaf begin to sway.
6 BFT STRONG BREEZE : large branches in motion. Kiting is dangerous for damage.
7 BFT HIGH WIND - MODERATE GALE : effort needed to walk against the wind. Kiting is not advised.